May 18, 2016 – The Naples Basket Brigade, a local chapter of the Anthony Robbins Foundation’s International Basket Brigade, just completed their second year of working with the Collier County School System to provide basic necessities to low-income students.

“We are proud of the support we received in helping feed 120 families this year,” said Wade Mastro of 4What Interactive, a Naples-based company spearheading the campaign. “Next school year our goal is double the amount of families we can help in the Collier County area.”

Working with the Naples Basket Brigade, Collier counselor and teachers select low-income students to receive baskets stuffed with basic necessities. Students are picked by teachers and counselors based on their hard work in the class room. The Baskets include food and household items families need and also a copy of Notes From A Friend, self-help guru Tony Robbins’ book on living a successful life.  Robbins started the Basket Brigade program.

Anyone can contribute, either by donating directly to our website or by buying any of the items listed on our website and building their own baskets.  It’s a great team building exercise for families and businesses.

Karen Barnes, a Naples Florida resident, created 18 baskets along with her friend Gloria Rogers. They then delivered the baskets to participating schools.

“As a former teacher I gravitate toward projects that will help students and or their families so this was the perfect one for both Gloria and me,” said Barnes. “What’s being done here will have long-term effects and will certainly be something the students and their parents will remember.”

Batya Maman, a Naples social media consultant, helped 4What find business support for this year’s final baskets.

“I always encourage my clients to give back to the community,” said Maman. “When I see an opportunity I just ask them.”

Several local companies took Maman’s advice, deciding that paying forward their good fortune is a win-win for their companies and their community. See all this year’s companies here:

Visit or for more information and to see pictures of the Naples Basket Brigade in action.

For further information contact: Wade Mastro. 4What, 239-272-6957